You've heard a lot about cleaning services offices, total plant hygiene and sanitation home late ... So you have to know the role and tasks of the sanitation company will handle what? Is the science and art for the prediction, identification, assessment, prevention and control of environmental pollutants work causes discomfort and can cause illness, injury, health impaired physical or happiness among workers or among citizens of the community, gives customers the quality of fresh air, green, clean and beautiful. NHU Y MANUFACTURING COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES CO.,LTD have the type of sanitation services varied, to suit every customer's requirements

NHU Y MANUFACTURING COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES CO.,LTD is one of the companies specialized in providing industrial cleaning services in Vietnam prestige. Our company is always a pioneer in the application of technology, the latest solutions in the field of industrial hygiene. In addition, to further emphasize the business philosophy of "Prestige and Professional", focuses on the development of special services for customers, Nhu Y has completed the conversion and system application ISO quality.


- NHU Y MANUFACTURING COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES CO.,LTD continuously maintain creativity and striving to provide high quality services with reasonable costs. Benefit both physically and mentally not only to employees but also customers and the entire society.


- Becoming one of the leading companies in Vietnam as well as in the region in the field of sanitation services, while creating a sustainable development perspective.

- Increasing investment, research and innovation continuously improving quality industrial cleaning services, ensure customer needs are always met fastest, most thoughtful, most efficient and cost-effective.

Along with modern equipment, Nhu Y use of industrial cleaning chemicals imported from the US effective and certified safe by the Ministry of Health, is not harmful to the environment and human health as : Chemicals sanitary glass, wood floor cleaner, bleaching chemicals stone, polished stone surface, ...