Office daily cleaning service

With the current growth of the economy, the number of representative offices of companies and organizations is increasing daily in big cities such as HCMC. This leads to a high demand in office cleaning service. Nhu Y provide quality cleaning services for your office using high-tech imported equipment.

Why do you need a daily cleaning service for your office?

- The office is where we work in and spend most of our time in a day in. After a while, dirt and germs may build up if proper cleaning isn’t done, causing problems with the skin, eyes and lungs.

- A clean and tidy office can improve the mood and the work performance of employees.

- A clean and tidy office also contributes in the professionalism and credibility of a company.

- Using our service can reduce your company’s monthly costs for cleaning. Some offices are small enough that they don’t need to hire a cleaner to work 8 hours/day. Nhu Y can provide cleaners to work a few hours in offices at a reasonable price.

- You don’t have to spend any money on training cleaners, because all of Nhu Y employees have already gone through strict training programs with foreign trainers.

Nhu Y’s professional cleaning services always makes a difference. With all our knowledge and experience in cleaning procedures and our diligence in every project we take part in, we commit to bring about the best care for your office and guarantee a good working environment. Our office cleaning package includes the following services:

- Floor scrubbing and floor polishing.

- Stone floor polishing.

- Cleaning chairs, desks and other furniture in an office.

- Glass cleaning.

- Carpet shampooing.

- Toilet cleaning.

- Ceiling cleaning.

- Air freshening.

- Elevator and staircase cleaning.

Nhu Y always focuses on improving and perfecting our service quality. We have a great team of well-trained staffs with professional working style and good attitude. During working hours, our staffs always wear uniform, with name tag and protective equipment for specialized work. Nhu Y imports machines from leading manufacturers in cleaning equipment and chemicals that are effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Vệ sinh văn phòng

Nhu Y creates a refreshing and professional working environment for your office

Nhu Y’s working procedures

– Receive inquiries of cleaning service from customers.

– Arrange for a site inspection at customers’ site to learn customers’ specific requirements for cleaning.

– Send quotation to customers.

– Sign cleaning service contract.

– Start work.


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