Cleaning and maintenance professional facade

The high-rise buildings and buildings after a while put to use will be influenced by the weather, which makes the outer surface (walls, windows) are affected and lost their original beauty. Along with structural durability from the inside and exterior elements also help increase the life of the project. In recent years, the rapid development of today's large cities has created conditions for the high-rise buildings flourished. Grasp the situation and the needs of the market, the company provided Nhu Y hygiene maintenance services professional facade for buildings, houses, villas, offices ...

Sanitation services, maintenance of Nhu Y façade consists of two main types of services:

Experiencing a period of use, dirt, rain water, air humidity and sunshine ... is the agent for glass surface faded and yellowed. This makes the structure loses shine and aesthetics, especially the large building in the city center, shopping malls, commercial centers, luxury hotels ...

Cleaning services and maintenance of Nhu Y glass will ensure the glass surface to be cleaned, while improving the quality of the glass.

The process of cleaning and maintenance of glass Nhu Y

- Classification of glass cleaner areas of the buildings, buildings.

- Assembly and test the safety of sanitary equipment

- Cleaning rough, remove hardened plaque (if any).

- Cleaning with chemicals were mixed at the ratio of fit

- Remove the stain as glues, stains difficult to remove .. (if any) with special chemicals.

- Carry out cleaning glass surfaces with standing trees (squeeze) by dragging from the top down, from left to right, so that the road pulling back slightly overlaps the previous stretch of road about 3cm.

- Clean the surface with a dry cloth and glass cleaner.

Cleaning and painting the exterior of buildings new

External paint works are vulnerable elements by most weather. Vietnam is a tropical country with a source of heat from the sun is abundant and the rainy season there is heavy rainfall. Therefore, in the dry season, paint the outside of buildings vulnerable to cracking and peeling faded. Meanwhile, in the rainy season, the wall paint waterproof prone to cause mold. Besides climatic factors causing paint deterioration after a period of use, dust rising in major cities as well as agent for the walls were dirt.

Nhu Y sanitation company provides customers a professional house painting services, ensuring the building, house, your office will be replaced "new clothes" quality, replacing the original walls. Besides, Nhu Y also conducted a great surface cleaning outside, return as new beauty to buildings, factories ...

Nhu Y use special equipment dedicated to sanitation services, maintenance of buildings and equipment including ladders (gondola), swing line equipment (rope gear system), elevators (hydraulic lift), to help complete the works with high efficiency and safety for workers as well as those around them.

A perfect appearance with shiny glass, transparent and smooth painted walls, professionals will contribute to improving the professional image, elegance of the buildings, while contributing to the beauty of the capital modern and civilized.

Over many years in Vietnam, Nhu Y always focused on improving and enhancing the quality of service to customers. We have a team of workers, skilled technicians, professional, nimble behavior, polite and enthusiastic in their work. While working, cleaning staff always uniform, wear a name tag, bearing protective clothing to do the job. Also, Nhu Y focused use of modern machinery dedicated and specialized chemicals and environmentally friendly. These chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health Vietnam for safety when used.

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