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Jupiter Solid surface & Carro Solid surface variety of types, colors, .. All share the following characteristics:

  • Durability: Artificial stone is resistant to mechanical agents, heat, electricity and the impact of such shear forces, strong impact force, ...
  • The anti-fouling, corrosion: Artificial stone material is monolithic and homogeneous, instant crafted plates, seamless, so it is resistant to stains, mold very well. Especially with 100% water resistant so artificial stone can be easily cleaned with water sanitation and organic solvents.
  • Can bend: Artificial stone solid surface can be bent by heating in wooden or metal molds at a certain temperature to create different objects. When heated, it can be engraved on the solid surface, artificial stone is very easy.
    This is a particular advantage that very few materials that can be.
  • Flexibility in design: With the ability to bend one can create any shape such complex designs, high abundances as wavy, bent, twisted, ... the artificial stone are can meet. Advantages over any material that may be.
  • Do not leave joints: In the process of building solid stone surface with adhesive bonding two components without revealing the seams, bring the sophistication of the product.
  • The ability to transmit light: Solid Surface Artificial stone is capable to transmit light as well as light transmission helps the designers used light and optimum efficiency in every design, create striking accents in design.
  • Safety: Artificial stone Solid surface material is inert, no voids manufactured under vacuum process should non-toxic and safe sanitation.

Applications of Artificial Stone Solid Surface

With outstanding features should have wide applications in many different areas a lot, for both interior and exterior:

  • Tables (dining table, meeting table, coffee table, ...)
  • Stovetops, the island
  • Shelf
  • Sinks, bathtubs
  • Reception, bar, counters, ...

Due to strength, heat resistant, waterproof, non-abrasive should be applied:

  • Wall, ceiling
  • Paneled staircase
  • Pave,…

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