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Nhu Y insecticide is one of the leading companies in the field of prevention and extermination of harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, ... We offer to customers measure Removal insects effectively by modern methods, with the certification and authorization of the competent authorities, these chemicals absolute security zones and not to use or threaten the health of humans.

The behavior of the flies

Flies are dangerous source of infection for humans. The flies are mediated disease that infects including the gastrointestinal tract diseases such as shigella, dysentery amoeba, cholera, typhoid, Ascaris, Trichuris, tapeworm larvae; eye diseases such as trachoma, eye infections, eye worm disease Thelazia; skin diseases such as acute dermatitis, fungal skin, leprosy (leprosy).

The life cycle of flies develop in 4 stages: eggs, maggots, pupae and adult flies. Depending on high or low temperatures which develop from egg to adult fly takes between 6 to 42 days. Housefly having a long life of about 2-3 weeks, however in the adult male flies Flies Eggs adult female pupae larvae stage cooler conditions we can live up to 3 months.

During the day, the flies are concentrated at the points where foraging and can lay eggs, where mating and place of stay. The distribution of flies in an area greatly influenced by their reaction to light, temperature, moisture and color and surface structure of the floors. We select appropriate venues anchored around a temperature between 35 degrees C and 40 degrees C. The spawning, mating, feeding and flying are not carried out at temperatures below 150C. The most popular activity flies in low air humidity. If the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius most activists flies in the fresh air outside. Especially at night when not feeding, flies in the plane and on the vertical steel wire hanging or wall, ceiling.

Indeed, the visitors this unlikely to cause too much trouble for us. For we make less attractive the party, even causing serious consequences, transmit dangerous diseases like cholera.

The method of limiting the development of the flies

To get a safe meal, appetite and avoid the gastrointestinal tract disease caused by infectious flies, note your Nhu Y prevention methods and effective kill flies as follows:

Environmental sanitation

Improve sanitation

Reduce or eliminate the flies which lay eggs by cleaning cages cattle, poultry, waste management and human feces, garbage disposal well.

Reduce resources attract flies from other areas such as the smell of food, the smell of the litter of flies.

Prevent the exposure of flies and germs as a toilet, the sick and their waste, slaughterhouses, animals die ...

Protection not to flies exposed to food, eating toilet ...

Method kill flies from Nhu Y

Kill flies by physical methods:

Fly Traps: Traps flies can kill a lot of flies. These attractants flies to eat and lay them in place in a dark box. When flies into a trap, trying to fly out would be to get into the trap Screens above.

Sticky traps: sticky traps are often sold on the market are used to hanging on the wall to attract flies because they contain sugar and it flies into the trap because the adhesive stick.

Trapping lamps with electric shock: Flies are attracted to light traps and killed by electrocution wiring surrounded. However this method is not very effective against house flies.

Kill flies by chemical methods: chemical method as bait flies, spraying kill adult flies or worms.

Steam Dichlovos instruments: Set chemical insecticide which are anchored on the fly, bait to attract flies with baits to kill. Classic Fly baits are made by mixing sugar, water or other substances that attract flies with powerful poisons like arsenic salts. So far the milk or sweetener solution mixed with 1-2% Formaldehyde has been recommended as bait baits kill flies.

Prevent and kill flies correctly will help prevent serious infectious diseases, improve the quality of life and protect the environment healthy. If families, companies, factories of you are having trouble with flies, please contact us for services provided effective insecticide.

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