General cleaning late at companies, factories

Working environment plays an important role directly affect the health, human spirit. Cyclical activities and work, many machinery and furniture companies, factories or offices need to be cleaned periodically to help maintain last year, raising the age to use and helps environment the cleaner.

A clean work environment, friendly people will ensure the health and productivity of employees - those who work continuously for 8 hours at companies, offices, factories .. . Previously, when sanitation services companies, factories still not common, company executives often have to pay a considerable cost for the recruitment and management of complex cases, the company's employees. This sometimes leads to complex problems in management and operating personnel. Furthermore odd employees are often not professionally trained, not enough equipment, safe cleaning detergents. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the economy, factories and industrial areas are also constantly striving for sustainable development coupled with environmental safety.

In fact, office, workshop where regular activities of a team of cleaning staff should always be focused in order to create a safe living environment, airy, clean ..

Moreover, the company, the factory where the goods out on regular basis, the number of people freezing, machinery and equipment continuous operation, so the dirt, excess active substances in the manufacturing process the backlog is inevitable. Experiencing a long time, the waste products are easy to dirty, difficult to clean hard stick. So cleaning, office cleaning, production facilities or the total year-end sanitary many owners are interested.

To office your work is always clean, the daily needs of people perform the cleaning, lau.Tuy course there are hard positions that you can not clean it without the support of the equipment and industrial hygiene professionals.

General cleaning late at Nhu Y

- Cleaning the ceiling factories, office ceiling: This is complex hygiene items and the most difficult in which to clean the dirt and cobwebs cling on earth, the great momentum of the small bar.

- Cleaning the walls around the plant, workroom.

- Clean the cable wiring for the factory.

- Clean gutters lamp systems, light boxes and lamps: These are items that you clean it requires meticulous, thorough and methodical.

- Clean the exhaust fan system, ceiling fans.

- Clean the entire machinery in factories, workers' workplace

- Carpet cleaning, wipe the glass, cleaning of office chairs, ...

- Cleaning, polishing multi floor, a gloss polishing of the floor surface protection (All types of flooring).

- Clean the exhaust fumes from machinery and stick on the wall.

- Clean the windows, glass doors of the workshop.

- Clean the insect mesh compartment.

- Clean the stain stick on the floor array and the device in the toilet, the bathroom ...


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