Carpet cleaning offices service

Along with the outstanding development of the service economy, many companies, tourist resorts, restaurants - hotels mushrooming. To meet the needs of the beauty of renovated buildings, Nhu Y has introduced sanitation services offices, factories, workshops with modern equipment, high technology according to international standards. Following this success, we constantly improve, improve quality and expand the scale to meet the needs of more customers.

Office carpet cleaning is one of the next steps in the mission of conversion Nhu Y and applied quality system according to international standards in Vietnam.

Why should regular carpet cleaning?

Office is in need of a solemn place, clean and polite to show the face of a company. In addition, the space clean, fresh air will create comfort and improving productivity of employees. Besides spatial layout, hygiene office carpet should also be considered and done periodically. People who cross daily, especially during the rainy season, will make soiled carpets, dust & dirt problems, not only affects the aesthetics, but also office smelled nasty little impact on the health of staff. If so long will be difficult to clean up sticky stains on the carpet and shorten the life of the carpet quickly.

Therefore, the plan should have carpet cleaning office periodically and regularly, especially those areas often had visitors.

Hygiene carpet under common measures to ensure cleanliness?

Could not pull even one large rug cleaning and carried away, nor be used daily hygiene kits to clean the carpet. Carpet cleaning at the office with equipment and specialty chemicals can bleach out stains and refreshes the carpet like at first.

Nhu Y is a company of professional cleaning services, including a professional team trained thoroughly, use of equipment, high-tech machines such as floor cleaning machine, spraying machine sucks, ... to process cleaning is more effective. These specialized machines will wriggle into every corner, defeated dirt & stains that ordinary tools can hardly be done, while keeping intact the carpet is not being ruffled or peeling.

Besides human factors, industrial hygiene company Nhu Y always focused investment in equipment, machinery and modern sanitation technologies, making the process more efficient hygiene, cleaning every corner that usually we can hardly touched.

Reason should use carpet cleaning services office Nhu Y

With over years of experience, building a team of highly skilled professionals, Nhu Y has met the needs of many customers with absolute satisfaction. Before each act, we will consider each location, construction processes most logically and put the interests of clients first. Nhu Y staff of customer support is always the best way to ensure not affect the daily work of our customers.

Besides, hygiene services company Nhu Y use carpet cleaning chemicals have been certified health care is not harmful to humans and environmentally friendly, ensure the construction process safety standards for children people & environment quanh.Mang to exceptional quality at local prices.

Workflow of Nhu Y be clearly outlined to ensure timely completion of customer requirements:

Receive service requests from clients

BA employee survey to take place to free situation should implement projects

Consulting services for customers

Nhu Y quote on staff after the actual survey

Signing contracts with customers

Action deploy as scheduled in the contract

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