Why we need to clean house

Home is where we live, work and rest of all members of the family. Therefore, cramped housing, low humidity, lack of light can easily cause unpleasant odors symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite ... and easy to generate many dangerous diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis , rickets, malnutrition, tuberculosis, parasites, asthma ... A clean environment and tidy will ensure healthy and happy life for everyone.

Also nest clean white, with pleasant aroma not only destroy the shelter of the bacteria, but also bring relaxed feeling when you rest.

Housing hygiene

Employment is essential, not only reduces pathogenic for humans but also for us feeling relaxed, comfortable.
Utensils, toiletries cleaned regularly to avoid flies, mice, beetles, cockroaches and insects.
Clean toilets and bathrooms to clean, remove grease even the kitchen, often scouring pots saucepan, cooking utensils.

Adjust the temperature and humidity in the room

Keep indoor air clean, cool, do not smoke in the room, do not let the smoke flying into the room kitchen. In the morning, after waking up, so open windows to allow air to be changed and adjust the temperature in the room on cold rainy days.
Bedroom of the elderly and children need special importance, not to infection leading to cold welding room. Do not wet clothes in the room; to do good work as moisture-carpeted home, put anti-moisture, growing houseplants can absorb moisture.

Planting trees around houses

Trees help remove pollutants, especially formaldehyde
Dracaena: easy to grow in low light conditions, live well even if the lack of regular care, removal of chemical toxins in the environment.

Palm tree: can tolerate low light levels but need large space, eliminating the majority of pollutants, especially xylene.
Fig tree scene: a large plant, beauty can be used in home decoration, easy to care for and ability to eliminate toxic air.
Bamboo remove the benzene, trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, create a sense of tranquility, fresh for any environment.

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