The need to maintain regular glass

The glass building maintenance, or other types of windows in the house is very important job in the whole toilet by the glass is the face, the aesthetic landscape of a house it affects vision, looks Page home.

Why Do You Need?
Glass, aluminum or alu is facile material form to the impact of the external environment, such as dust, sunlight, high temperature environments or humid ... these factors will reduce the lifespan of the project, as optical-aesthetic home office you are living and working.

Maybe you are interested when it was too late?
You care about our cleaning services for a long time when they became too dirty, wear, oxidation? Yes, but not effectively bring your desired. Why? In fact, loss of supplies such as alu, aluminum especially when glasses to wipe out 01 years of your outdoor toilet will not be oxidation fin shape for a long time due to impurities deposited surface destroying them, this time it was too late because the toilet they had destroyed part of the structure of materials, especially at the surface, so the moment hygiene precautionary only at the stage of Regulators.

When is the need?
For glass, outside toilet 01 times 6 months, present in 01 years / times; Alu aluminum 6 months / time. Other materials such as stone, zinc pipe, corrugated ... 01 years on average should be cleaned 01 times.

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