Industrial hygiene needs soar

Initially only a few companies in Saigon hygiene was established in 2000 with the main advantage is to provide business periodicals and single maid.

Rising demand
However in recent years as demand growth, a hygiene services company nevertheless mushroomed in the last months of supply still does not meet demand.

Currently there are over 100 Saigon companies large and small toilet, with increasingly types of services provided range from odd to plant hygiene, sanitation and construction projects, to mop laundry glass in buildings.

At the company office, including state administrative agencies currently do not directly manage the sanitary cleaning plaque that will be allocated for the sanitation company, in some major cleaning company has a workforce hygienist up to daily labor, providing nationwide moment for agencies and organizations in need.
Often on holidays needs constantly rising phenomenon should have "sold out", have needs in hygiene must reach the festival dates scheduled in advance, at the moment the race hygiene company each operating at full capacity.

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