Guide efficient kitchen hygiene and safety

Family meal bout you really quality, safe for members, this depends a lot on your kitchen hygiene. Cleaning works are difficult khiu, confusing, time-consuming for the sisters. AA Clean Hint sisters some secret kitchen hygiene follows:

Your fridge smells bad?

You use less oil permeates Vani or tissue paper towel, wipe them in refrigerators, oil-friendly Vavi is specialized chemical deodorizer for refrigerators are available in the refrigeration facility and does not cause toxic elements. Only a few minutes after cleaning the dark odor in your fridge will disappear.

Your dishwasher is dirty?

Given all the furniture in the machine, for about 0,3lit vinegar on, then add some paper towels to create friction, the only thing you do right now is shooting boots, vinegar will help you bleach stubborn stains fly return of the bright white surface is.

Dirty stain on the kitchen floor?

You use a little brushing glue illuminate then scrub them with a brush and wipe the floor clean kitchen will return, including a long stain of brick mem.

Stench from the sewage pipes?

What you do is demand for a little dishwashing liquid mixed with some aromatic smell that you usually preferred flows directly into the pipe, then you leave and social 1h loans without water curtain, channel, immediately smell bad will disappear. If pipe clogging phenomenon you need for less lime or lemon juice offline.

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