How to clean the bathrooms simple

After work you in and use the bathroom, if clean and fresh will give you a pleasant feeling of comfort and vice versa. But husbands are very lazy in doing this. You have to do is, tell you tips Clean AA defense simple clean bathrooms.

With bathtub:

You limit the use of chemicals then, it's not good for you, like ceramic tile skin. You use the water squeezed lemon 4-5 or brass pots, remember to always baits lemon inside, grab a soft cloth soaked in lemon juice scrub around the tub or take bait rub lemon. Then rinse hose, acidity in the lemon will help remove stubborn stains, lime will leave you light pleasant scent. You can also vegetarian crushed ice machine, but it is a bit complicated and not really necessary.

For the bathroom floor:

Quite simply, you do not need to use chemicals, the thing you need here is a little wood ash (in the northern provinces known as ebony) mixed with little water poured onto the floor surface temple then took a strong scrub brush after 05 minutes you just rub just flush you'll find a bathroom floor like new.

Glass bathrooms:

Toilet remember the sisters frequently offline, because for a long time will stain glass, oxidation fins clean them at this time would be very difficult. Need to prepare yourself a little lemon milk then using a towel to squeeze out and conduct a normal toilet or get soaked ash newspaper then spray mop the toilet you will have a transparent glass plate. 01 months should periodically about hygiene for example, glass 01 times to charge downgraded.

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